The Camel is located at 1621 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA 23220.

If you are a band interested in playing The Camel, please contact

Advancing Your Show
If you need to advance an upcoming show, contact Shows are to be advanced no less than 48 hours prior to show night.

Production Info
Stage Dimensions: 15’w x 12’d x 13″h


2 QSC 153’s
1 QSC KW 181
Behringer x32
1 Livewire 24 channel sub snake
1 Livewire 16 channel sub snake


3 ElectroVoice ELX 112p’s
2 QSC K12’s
25 Livewire XLRs
8 DR Pro Tall Boom’s
4 DR Pro Short Boom’s


3 Shure 58’s
3 Shure Beta 58’s
3 Sennheiser 935’s
1 Beta 52a
4 Sennheiser e604’s
2 Sennheiser e609’s
4 Shure 57’s
8 Passive Livewire DI’s
1 Audio Technica omni Condenser


4 LED Parcens upstage
8 LED Parcens downstage

Load in through the side door on Broad Street.