Too Many Sundays: River City Band

Too Many Sundays: A Grateful Dead Brunch Experience

River City Band

All Ages


Based in a rich traditional bluegrass sound and set up, River City Band is a group that stays true to their down home roots while continuously exploring many different genres and tastes. With crisp, soulful harmonies, strong lead instruments, and a rhythm that can burn down the barn or hold your hand steadily through a beautiful waltz, the group can create the right mood and texture for any setting.

River City Band's journey began in the downtown restaurants and bars of Richmond, Virginia and has since taken them to a variety of venues and scenes. Beginning with the popular Legend Brewery bluegrass night, the Carytown Wine Festival, the Visual Arts Center Annual Fundraiser, The National Theatre (opening for their friends The Whiskey Rebellion), private parties and weddings, James River Winery and Cellars, and many others. Their set lists consist of a mixture of traditional mountain music, country, folk, jazz, blues, rock, and original material. It is not rare to hear a Bill Monroe tune followed by Bob Dylan, followed by Duke Ellington in one of their sets. RCB enjoys pulling material from all of their vast musical backgrounds.

Jesse Spencer (mandolin) and Grant Hunnicutt (bass fiddle) met in the Summer of 2008 at White Hawk Music Cafe in Goochland, Virginia where Jesse and his brother Trevor Spencer (banjo) were both giving music lessons at the time. Grant and the brothers duo became fast friends and musical companions. Earlier that same year, Grant had been lucky enough to have been introduced to his friend and eventual RCB guitar player, Trip Poole, at the King William Tire jam in Manquin, Virginia. The group was formed and the sound and musical blend an instant success.

Venue Information:
The Camel
1621 W Broad St
Richmond, VA