The Mammoths w/ The Dawn Drapes and Dropping Julia
Broadberry Entertainment Group Presents

The Mammoths

The Dawn Drapes, Dropping Julia

All Ages

The Mammoths

Beginning in Austin, TX, in the heart of their middle school days, David Kapsner (lead vocals/guitar/piano), Michael Jekot (lead guitar/vocals), and Tyler Rush (bass/vocals) came together to transcend the barrier of blues-rock into funky psych-soul through their various music ventures. Bringing the audacious and wonderfully talented Tim Durand (drums/vocals) into the picture has recently solidified the band with a roaring sound and strength to complement their vibe. Dedication to their music has evolved The Mammoths from garage rock to sophisticated blues-funk, and constant experimentation has allowed each member of the group to always stay true to their roots. Jekot, self-described as playing in the “grunge-endrix” style, notes that Kapsner’s soul-vocals, Durand’s pure metal, and Tyler’s deep, groovy funk stand out in the realm of rock, drawing influence from all over to create a sound that is entirely new, yet curiously familiar.

"The Mammoths are an up-and-coming Austin band to watch fueled by their fiery unapologetic live shows reminiscent of a young Led Zeppelin. In meeting with these guys at AMF on their future plans, this band is clearly driven on playing hard and using the old school work ethic of making fans one sweaty show at a time,” said Alex Vallejo (Vallejo Music Group/Austin Music Foundation).

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The Dawn Drapes make thoughtful indie pop music with a psychedelic tinge. Inspired by melody, harmony, and groove driven rhythm.

Funky and melancholy pop rock with lively elements of gypsy jazz, rockabilly, surf rock, funk and R&B layered over songs rooted in folk. Upbeat, fun and quirky, Dropping Julia participates in the lush tapestry of American Roots music adding their own eclectic spin that is both uniquely modern and longingly retro.

Review for Wake Up - “At times it sounds like the Country Rock album Amy Winehouse never made [but the singing sounds more like Jazz at times], a collection of words I never expected to write! At other times there is an almost funky vibe to the songs, this is not an easily pinned down band.” - 3 Songs & Out

“Dropping Julia’s Wake Up is a tight album that blends a variety of genres to form a strong sound. Enough can’t be said about Emily Kresky’s amazing voice. It’s rough, raspy yet elegant and filled with soul. Of course it wouldn’t be as impactful without a fantastic group of musicians surrounding her.” - Divide and Conquer Music

Venue Information:
The Camel
1621 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA, 23220