The Last Bison with Rebekah Rafferty and Right Hand Son
Broadberry Entertainment Group Presents

The Last Bison

Rebekah Rafferty and the Wakes, Right Hand Son

All Ages

The Last Bison

Last Bison have stampeded down from the mountaintop and landed in the wild lands, where they inhabit world rhythms, ambient oases and crystalline stone-cathedrals with music that echoes out into the night. After 2014 sessions polishing their more pastoral arrangements into larger visions for the LP VA and EP Dorado, Last Bison have gone through a lineup change and pushed even further into a grander sonic landscape that they’ve felt their arrangements always deserved. Their newest project was tracked at COLLECTOR studios in Norfolk, VA in the summer of 2016 with new faces on board and a new goal in mind: to expand their songs into creations that more closely matched the sounds that they hear in their own heads every day.

Venue Information:
The Camel
1621 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA