The Hashbury Collective with special guests Barstool Rodeo

The Hashbury Collective

Barstool Rodeo

All Ages


The Hashbury Collective will play music from the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, The Band, Bob Dylan and others in that genre. We will put our own spin on these classic tunes and may just bust out a surprise tune every now and then.

Rob Lord- Bass and Vocals

Rusty Romulus- Lead Guitar

Todd Gravatt- Guitar and Vocals

Tim Dunkum- Keyboards, Sax and Vocals

Rob Crosby- Drums and Vocals

Susan DePhillip- Vocals & Acoustic Guitar


Barstool Rodeo is a tribute to the Michael Houser era of Widespread Panic. We play set lists from Panic concerts performed from 1986 -2002.

Mike Cox - JB: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Lee Biedrycki - Mikey: Lead Guitar & Vocals

Pete Gillis - DAS: Bass & Vocals

Tom Steele - Todd: Drums

Venue Information:
The Camel
1621 W Broad St
Richmond, VA