Shy, Low, Au Revoir, Eaves, and Lair

Shy, Low

Au Revoir, Eaves, Lair

All Ages


Shy, Low’s new EP Burning Day was a long time in the making, and although composed of only two songs, its creation spanned nearly two years.

Shaun Reeves had just recently joined the band as the new bassist and after they returned from their summer tour in 2015, they began work on the song “Dialectics.” Shaun brought his unique taste in music to the writing, which is expressed in the heavier and grittier tone of the song. This synergized nicely with the other member’s diverse approaches to music, producing an eclectic outcome that speaks back to band’s traditional sound while expanding it in new and creative ways.

“Dissension” came together in the spring of 2016. The change in tempo, tone, and mood set by “Dialectics” resonated with the band, and they continued experimenting with darker and heavier elements symptomatic of earlier songs like “Absence” and “Heavy Hands,” although with a much more mature and intense personality. The driving force and speed of the song, which reaches a fury of tremolo picking and blast-beat like drumming in its mid-section, is complemented by the intricacies of a bridge layered with competing time signatures, looped guitars, and rhythmic strumming. It is perhaps best described as a synthesis of the band’s earliest attempts at instrumentation with their evolved orientations toward music, producing a new outcome which charts the band in a fresh direction.

Both tracks were written in a context of tumultuous destabilization, both within the band’s own private lives and the external social sphere in which they found themselves. The authoritarian turn in politics, both domestic and abroad, echoes in both songs. “Dialectics,” “Dissension,” and “Burning Day” speak to the violent expression of contradiction and the recent catapulting of tyrannical normative ideals, which once festered self-consciously beneath the surface, to the social fore.

More personally, the band experienced a series of changes that speak to the contradictory theme of the EP. In a way, Burning Day is the antithesis to Hiraeth, and the songs contained within point in a different direction, but one that is both defined by the band’s historical musicality, and newly emergent. This encapsulates the band’s desire to both create and recapture a certain grungier essence which was notably absent from Hiraeth. The personal lives the members has also slowed the tempo of the band’s production of music and capacity to tour. Nevertheless, all of them remain committed to their collective art, and invested in the continued creation of music.


Au Revoir is a collective hailing from various areas of the United States who join to create powerful compositions that honor the aesthetics of post-rock and post-metal while adhering to the ethics of DIY punk. Fearlessly traversing the line between crushing heaviness and ethereal melodies, while also exploring vocals as textural enhancement rather than narrative, Au Revoir is an exciting up-and-comer urging American post-rock into its next phase of existence. After two releases in 2012 and 2013, the acclaimed 2016 album “Veles” marked their debut on the exclusive, highly-curated European label Elusive Sound, pushing their songwriting to the next level and cementing them as a group to watch closely during the coming years.


Post-hardcore/Alt-rock from Richmond, VA.

Noah Sheaffer

Evan Kendall

Nick Morris

Chris Kittrell


Doom Metal from Richmond, Va

Read Urban - vocals/bass

Anne Marie Dumain - guitar

Malachi Cresswell - guitar

Andrew Griffin - drums

Venue Information:
The Camel
1621 W Broad St
Richmond, VA