Matt Monta, Sincerely, Iris, Warren Campbell, Stuart Ruiz

Matt Monta

Sincerely, Iris, Warren Campbell, Stuart Ruiz

All Ages


Matt Monta is a midwest born-and-bred musician who performs original music threaded by folk, blues, and American rock influences. The righteous underdog, the scorned lover, and the indignant rebel all take center stage in the stories of his songs.

His inspired songwriting and passionate performance have garnered comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, Lyle Lovett, Jackson Browne, and Hayes Carll.

He released his first full-length solo record, American Rhymin, in 2013 and released his second full-length album, Where You Find Love, in 2015. He has also released an EP with the Haymakers in 2016 entitled Motion. In 2018, Matt Monta & the Haymakers released their second full-length studio album, Restless Disposition.


Sincerely, Iris consists of singer/songwriter Todd Murray. He has a sound that can be summed up best as “road trip music.” It’s a style that’s always changing, and always moving along. Whether it be gypsy-esque or like Kerouac's beat up old truck, shaking down the road at midnight, it is at once comforting, and somewhat unknown. Sincerely, Iris draws upon influences from Jeff Buckley all the way to Billie Holiday.

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(of Little River Creek Police)

I sing songs about roads and the people who drive on them


Singer-songwriter and member of Big Fundamental

Venue Information:
The Camel
1621 W Broad St
Richmond, VA